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My trip to the Azores specifically Sao Miguel, the largest of the Azorean islands often referred to as "The Green Island" was spectacular.  

The first day we did a full day tour.  It took us to the Furnas Valley where we witnessed the local tradition of cooking "Cozido das Furnas" - a hearty stew simmered underground by the natural heat of the earth.  The flavors are rich and complex.  This meal was by far one of the best meals I have ever had in another country. 

We also went to Terrra Nostra Park and enjoyed the gardens and the hot springs.  Many were not sure about the hot springs because of there brownish color but it was well worth it to brave it.  My skin was super soft for weeks after soaking in the springs.  They also have some fabulous gardens that you can enjoy while you are there.

A must is to go to the twin lakes of Sete Cidades.  As you stand above and look down at these two lakes one is blue and one is green.  Legend has it that these lakes were formed from the tear of a shepherd and a princess who shared a forbidden love.

The next day we embarked on a whale watching excursion.  It is quite a site to see these majestic creatures breach the surface.

Don't forget to stop into the little shops and cafes.  The pastries here are the lightest most delicious i have ever tasted.  I enjoyed going to a little cafe every morning for a fresh pastry.

So much to see in so little time.  There is the Church in the city center and the gates to the city.  There is a fort to look at.  We walked to the three beaches and walked on the black sand.

As you leave the Azores you realize that they aren't just a destination they are an experience. 

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