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Group Department Sales & Concierge Agent

What type of a traveler are you? What interests you? What would be your ultimate vacation? What have you always wanted to do? Whether it's swimming with a whale shark or cooking with an Italian family...I listen.
Specializing in personalized group, family or individual travel, I invite you to read my full bio to see from where your dream journey is designed.
Marrying my background in art, attention to detail and pure passion for travel,
whether your plans are on or off the beaten track, call me for a unique perspective on travel. Around the world, your way!

Whether is was the smell of bread baking in an outdoor oven behind the agriturismo or the sound of a mocking bird that had waken me, I had to move. The dirt road called to me, red earth, dusty green olive trees and clients fast asleep.
Camera and journal in hand, I set out for a few hours alone with Italy waking before me.
Not long down the silent path, I heard a truck gently putting its' way toward me. "Buongiorno Signora, che fai?" (Good Morning Miss what are you doing?) Curious that a foreigner would be alone and up at that time of the morning. I responded in Italian that I was jotting a line or two and taking a few photos. "Piaciono fighi?"
(Do you like figs?) I said yes, not haven eaten them at all except the dried kind you find in the produce section in the dead of winter. This farmer proceeded to invite me to sit in his orchard on a blanket under a fig tree pregnant with bursting fruit ready for the picking. We sat, we two strangers, a breakfast of figs and a conversation so lovely and poignant that it would feed my soul for eternity.
These are the 'spots in time' that I wish upon my clients. Whether a group of artists who wish to make art with the locals, a true experience of immersion or a group of friends who want to include all they ever dreamed of in a personal itinerary of their own, this is what I do.
I specialize in Italian travel, but have grown extremely fond of many cities around the world. Prague is the new kid on the block, and having traveled there and to the surrounding areas on a study tour, I received my specialist certification. I often say that Italy is the first thought I have in the morning when I wake up and it is my last thought of the day but I do enjoy the many gems that are found all over the world.
Some of my custom itineraries have included, 'Grand European World Heritage Sites,' 'Sirens, Sassis & Trullis: Exploring the Amalfi Coast & Beyond,' 'Exploring the Fortified Hilltops Towns of Tuscany,' & 'Hands On Italy,' which are tours that artists can create Mosaics in Venice and Papermaking in Fabriano.
I am the Group Department Sales and Concierge agent at Dube Travel and have been involved in creating pilgrimages for church groups to Poland, Italy, France, Spain and the Holy Land. I have also escorted groups for World Youth Day and will be taking clients into Rio 2013.
I have traveled to many countries collecting spots of time that cannot be bought. That is the mind set behind my tours.
With a degree in art, I am keen to how it is all connected, experiences, cultural and spiritual and how it enriches our lives.

"Travel is not a luxury, but a necessity for the soul."

Unique perspective on travel. Degree in art. Personalized itineraries for groups or individuals.

Destination Expert:

  • Italy
  • Amalfi
  • Europe
  • Rome

Travel Specialist:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Groups
  • Castles & Cathedrals
  • Historical Sites

Languages I Speak:

  • English
  • Italian

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